Ek Mukhi Rudraksha

The Ek Mukhi Rudraksha are the rarest and most auspicious rudraksha beads. They can provide miracles and blessings to all those who wear them.

The most powerful ek mukhi rudraksha originates from Java, Indonesia, as the original ek mukhi rudraksha from Nepal is very rare.

The Indonesian ek mukhi rudraksha is about the size of 8-12mm in length and 3-6mm in diameter. It has a shape similar to a rice grain.

Ek Mukhi Rudraksha BeadOne mukhi rudraksha lines has one part that is complete and the other part comes close to the mouth.

Question : Does original 1 mukhi rudraksha exist?

Answer : One mukhi rudraksha Cashew shaped, which comes from India is a Bhadraksha bead(Not rudraksha), which comes from a different species of rudraksha tree. (not elaeocarpus ganitrus). One mukhi rudraksha java from Indonesia is the only authentic variety of rudraksha to be found till date.

Question : How rare Is ek mukhi rudraksha?

Answer : Ek mukhi rudraksha is rarely found, Nepal Beads are almost extinct and have been found very few in nature. The one mukhi rudraksha from Indonesia are available but in lesser number, these beads too are very powerful and genuine.

How to identify original one mukhi rudraksha bead

  1. The first step is to examine the color of the bead. When a bead is dyed, it usually has a uniform color. Rudraksha bead are not dyed but are naturally colored.

  2. The next step is to examine the shape of the bead. A good quality one mukhi rudraksha will have sharp edges on one ends of the bead.

  3. If the mukhi lines run head to tail without interruption, then that is a good sign.

  4. A genuine 1 mukhi rudraksha is one that has not been tampered with and has only one clear line.

  5. The original 1 mukhi rudraksha is a tiny bead (usually 8 to 12mm long and up to 6mm in central width). It is similar to the two mukhi of Indonesia bead, with the exception that the one line is entire on one side and only partially existent on the other side of the bead.

  6. How to identify original one mukhi rudraksha bead
  7. One option is to use the X-ray method, which allows one to view the internal structure without causing harm to the beads. For rudrakshas with up to nine mukhi, this test can be performed easily, but higher mukhis no, because the internal seeds of higher mukhi beads sometimes overlap, it may not provide 100% correct results. Since this is the sole non-destructive method for determining the number of mukhis, this technique needs to be improved and developed further. In order to count the interior seeds, obtaining X-rays from various angles may be helpful for mukhis higher than ten mukhi. The alternative method of assistance is CT scanning, although it is more costly.

  8. The ideal technique is to examine the bead with one's own eyes; nonetheless, we recommend that potential buyers consult an expert who is trustworthy and has years of experience identifying rudrakshas.

1 Mukhi Eye Of Shiva

Why 1 mukhi rudraksha is powerfull?

The ek mukhi rudraksha shape from Java is a half ellipse and is considered by yogis to be the eye of shiva.

Rudraksha is often worn by his devotees who believe it will bring them closer to Shiva. Wearing rudraksha may have different objectives for people, but so far the opinion of most rudraksha users is that the beads possess divinity and mystical powers due to the blessings of the great Shiva.

The mighty Hindu God who is entirely lovable and worshipped in Hindu mythology as the most powerful of the Gods also known as Mahadeva (The greatest among gods) and he resides in the Kailash mountain, which is a Himalayan peak.

One mukhi rudraksha in Hinduism are considered most auspicious and have been traditionally believed to be the gateway to Shiva. Wearing them can help fulfill your karma, desires and lead you closer to him.

Lord Shiva 1 Mukhi Rudraksha Benefits

1 mukhi rudraksha benefits.

Ek mukhi rudraksha is an auspicious rudraksha and helpful in removing all the sins of the wearer.

The wearer of single face rudraksha is known to win over the senses.

The wearer of this mystic bead always stays focused, feels peaceful and is constantly in a tranquil state of mind.

Lord Shiva allows the ones who wear ek mukhi rudraksha to enjoy their material and worldly success without attachment.

The unique and high vibration of this powerful bead helps in increasing the clarity and concentration of thoughts.

One mukhi rudraksha has a mantra. Every time you chant the mantra, the goddess in the form of Lakshmi (Goddess of Wealth) comes to grant her blessings and brings wealth.

As per Shiva Puran, one mukhi rudraksha ensures that the wearer enjoys the worldly pleasures and frees themselves from the cycle of death and rebirth at the same time. Hence, it takes a special place among all the rudrakshas.

Question : If a person wear ek mukhi rudraksha will the person detach from worldly affairs ?

Answer : is simply a myth, But actually, it helps one to stay balanced in all aspects of life. It doesn't separate you from the surrounding world at all, instead it cultivates a calm and wise outlook on life.

1 mukhi rudraksha health benefits

Ek mukhi rudraksha health benefits.

They can be used to cure the Doshas of a person which is causing them problems in their life. These Doshas include Vata, Pitta, & Kapha

Vata Dosha: it will help balance out the Vata dosha which is often associated with anxiety and restlessness.

Pitta Dosha: it will help balance out the Pitta dosha which is often associated with anger and irritability.

Kap ha Dosha: it will help balance out the Kapha dosha which is often associated with laziness, lethargy, and a problem with weight.

The other ek mukhi rudraksha benefits is also used in Ayurveda as a treatment for various diseases such as insomnia, nervousness, depression and migraine.

In Hindu mythology. It is believed that if one worships one mukhi rudraksha bead in a Shiva temple it is said to protect him or her from all types of diseases.

Question : What is the experience of wearing ek mukhi rudraksha ?

Answer : Many people have been experiencing a positive change in their life, including a more positive outlook on life and an increased sense of spirituality. Moreover, they claim that having the one mukhi rudraksha bead on, facilitates spiritual connection with Shiva, meaning the wearer can reach a higher state of truth. Apart from this, owning a Rudraksha bead helps to maintain good physical health.

Answer : According to the testimonies of people, if a person has any addiction particularly vices like smoking, drinking, drug misuse, tobacco chewing, overeating, and excessive talking, wearing ek mukhi will assist him or her overcome such addictions. A complete transformation occurs when the wearer easily abandons these vices or habits and the wearer's lifestyle is permanently altered.

1 Mukhi Rudraksha Ruling Planet

Ek mukhi rudraksha ruling planet.

The following information is for those who believe strongly in wearing Rudraksha based on astrology.

The ruling planet is Sun, this planet governs the sense of duty and responsibility.

The wearer will tend to be hardworking and dedicated

he or she will be able to achieve a lot in life

The Energy of the bead helps to start a spiritual journey/path.

Question : Is there side effects/disadvantages on wearing ek mukhi rudraksha?

Answer : According to the ancient texts, wearing ek mukhi rudraksha does not have any disadvantages. It merely implies that following certain habits and avoiding Tamasic food can help attain maximum benefits.

Question : Which chakra is associated with One mukhi rudraksha?

Answer : One mukhi rudraksha governs the sahasrara chakra, which governs clarity of mind, connection to God, Spirit and your belief systems. The one face rudraksha helps for unblocking of the sahasrara chakra. Imbalance or Blockage of this Chakra causes depression, obsession thinking & confusions. once balanced you get divine connection and manifest wealth.

Who should wear one mukhi rudraksha ?

All adults are allowed to wear this rudraksha. It can be kept in a special altar or a puja room, where regular worshipping can be carried out.

Those who are constantly consuming habits or practices that are not conducive to their mental and physical health can also wear this rudraksha. It is believed that wearing more than one bead is more effective.

Anyone who heads a large organisation or assumes a leadership role could benefit from this one mukhi rudraksha as it offers qualities of leadership and helps you cope with stressful situations.

People who want the Sun to be more favorable as a planet or who want to counteract its negative effects can wear a one mukhi rudraksha.

For those who want to devote themselves to God, minimize their connection to material things, and eventually hope to reach nirvana.

Question : Can anyone wear one mukhi rudraksha?

Answer : YES, all adults can. One mukhi rudraksha is not exclusive to any one faith. It is for all of humanity. The rites are incidental and should be followed voluntarily and respectfully.

Questions : Can women wear one mukhi?

Answer : There is no evidence to suggest that females cannot wear one mukhi, it is merely a myth, the fact is females can wear one mukhi and still receive the same benefits as men.

Questions : Which zodiac sign (Rashi) is associated with eka mukhi rudraksha ?

Answer : Singh (Leo)

How to wear one mukhi rudraksha

you can wear this most powerful bead by either wearing it in a red thread or capped in silver or gold and wear it around your neck as a necklace or as a bracelet.

Question : When should I start wearing my one mukhi rudraksha?

Answer : your first day on wearing the one mukhi rudraksha, it would be wise to do so on a Monday or an auspicious day. Get up early in the morning, bathe and dress yourself cleanly. You should now face the East direction and chant the mantras 108 times while wearing your one mukhi rudraksha.

1 Mukhi Rudraksha Wearing Rules

1 Mukhi rudraksha wearing rules.

Keep in mind that the ek mukhi must be removed from the body when consuming alcohol, eating meat, engaging in physical intimacy, and attending funerals (additionally for females during menstrual period). If this is not followed unintentionally, do not feel bad about it. Simply wash the ek mukhi beads in clean water and re-purify them by reciting Om Namah Shivaya five times.

Check that you have paid the seller in full for the beads. It has been noticed that until economic transactions are completed in full, ek mukhi does not provide its full powers and causes unpleasant feelings.

Do not expect drastic changes or miraculous results to occur overnight. Its wearing is not a temporary. It must be worn for the rest of one's life.

Stolen one mukhi should never be utilized.

Always use new one mukhi and never use someone else's bead. If you received these as a legacy from loved ones, first complete the purification ceremony before wearing them. Old rudraksha should be carefully examined for any damage, such as cracks, and should not be utilized if any are discovered.

Eka mukhi rudraksha bead mantra.



1 Mukhi Rudraksha Price

Why 1 Mukhi rudraksha is expensive ?

The ek mukhi is one of the most desire Rudrakshas in Nature. It's divine healing properties make it the most popular bead by far.

However, ek mukhi is rarely found. The price of this beads depend on the size and origin of the bead.

Nepal ek mukhi Beads are almost extinct and have been found very few in nature

The ek mukhi from Indonesia are available, these beads too are very powerful and genuine

Question : Eka mukhi rudraksha price ?

Answer : A normal quality ek mukhi range from $50 to $60 and a super quality range from $70 up to $100 (USD).