12 Mukhi Rudraksha

12 Mukhi Rudraksha is blessed by Lord Surya. Surya (also known as Aditya) is the Hindu god of the Sun. He is considered the creator of the universe and the source of all life. He is the supreme soul who brings light and warmth to the world. Each day he travels across the sky in his golden chariot pulled by seven horses and driven by Aruna (the name of the charioteer of Lord Surya).

Surya is the mythological father of many notable sons, including Manu (progenitor of the human race), Yama (god of the dead), the Ashvins (twin physicians to the gods), Karna (a great warrior in the Mahabharata), and Sugriva (king of the monkeys in the Ramayana).

The iconography of Lord Surya is often portrayed as riding a chariot driven by 7 horses or alternatively, by 1 horse with 7 heads (representing the colours of the rainbow and seven chakras). Lord Surya is sometimes shown with 2 hands, holding one lotus in each and sometimes with 4 hands, holding a lotus, Sankha (conch), Chakra (discus) and Gada (mace).


12 Mukhi Rudraksha Benefits

  • 12 Mukhi Rudraksha provides quality of leadership and control over power.
  • This Rudraksha makes the wearer radiant like the Sun and gives inner strength to rule.
  • The Energy of the bead helps to remove all types of doubts from the mind.
  • The wearer also can acquire wealth and happiness he/she will never experience poverty.
  • Basically, 12 Mukhi Rudraksha helps people to gain authority and power.


For better results the wearer of 12 Mukhi Rudraksha can follow this routine:

  • Wake up before sunrise
  • Offer water to Sun and look towards Sun through the water (after bath)
  • Touch eyelids and surrounding area of eyes with this rudraksha


12 Mukhi Rudraksha Mantra

Mantras to be recited for 12 Mukhi Rudraksha :

  • Om Kroam Kshoam Roam Namah
  • Om Hoom Hreem Namah
  • Om Hreem
  • Om Hreem Kshoam Ehranih Shreem
  • Om Namah Shivaya