4 Mukhi Rudraksha

4 Mukhi Rudraksha java varieties are smaller in size and used in mala and bracelet form. The Indonesian variety is between 8 mm to 12 mm in diameter.

4 Mukhi Rudraksha represents Goddess Saraswati and Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma is responsible for creation. He is one of the Trimurti in Hinduism (the Hindu trinity that includes Vishnu and Shiva).

Lord Brahma is the husband of Goddess Saraswati who is known as the Goddess of knowledge. Saraswati is one of the Tridevi (the main of Hindu Goddess like Trimurti that includes Parvati and Lakshmi).

Saraswati is also known as the Goddess of music, art, speech, wisdom, and learning. The goddess Saraswati is often depicted as a beautiful woman with pure white dressed, often seated on a white lotus, which symbolizes light, knowledge and truth. Her iconography is typically in white themes from dress to flowers and swan, the colour symbolizing purity, discrimination for true knowledge, insight and wisdom.

Brahma is also known as Prajapati, Hiranyagarbha, Brahmanspati , Vishwakarma, etc. He is also called Chaturmukha (four faces). Lord Brahma is the abode of knowledge and creativity.

As per Mahabharata, Brahma is the creator of the Universe.  Brahma is represented with four faces and four arms. Each face of his points to a cardinal direction. His hands hold no weapons, rather symbols of knowledge and creation. In one hand he holds the sacred texts of Vedas, in second he holds mala (rosary beads) symbolizing time, in third he holds a spoon symbolizing means to feed sacrificial fire, and in fourth a water pot symbolizing the means where all creation emanates from.

He is often depicted with a long white beard, implying his experience. He sits on a sacred lotus and near a white swan.


4 Mukhi Rudraksha Benefits 

  • This rudraksha gives the wearer creative power and provides him learning and knowledge.
  • This rudraksha makes the wearer get shining intelligent eyes and a balanced mind, he or she can use the power of speech to his/her advantage.
  • All students can wear this rudraksha to improve their concentration in studies and for better memory.
  • 4 Mukhi Rudraksha has proved to be very effective in curing diseases related to the mind.
  • It is said that one who wears 4 Mukhi Rudraksha transforms him/her self to a totally new personality and assumes a new and better role in life. 


4 Mukhi Rudraksha Remedial Powers

Rudraksha has remained in use as Ayurvedic medicine and mention in several books for herbal reparations both as a preventive and as curative medicine.

As is widely known, a man's health can be appropriately maintained by balancing vaat (wind), pitta (bile), and kaf (phlegm).

As Rudraksha influences the mind through its subtle electromagnetic properties, many diseases can be cured using it.

Vaat, pitta, and kaf get regulated when a person's thought process is streamlined. This is possible as one becomes fearless and calms down and maintains a stable mind. A clear thought makes the body healthy, which in turn wards off diseases.

Given below is a summary of the properties of 4 Mukhi Rudraksha in curing various diseases. (These examples and results should be used as guidelines to understand the scope and benefit of using the beads and its potential as a medicine.)

  • Diseases of ear, throat and nose.
  • Paralysis
  • Sexual problems
  • Gall bladder diseases
  • Memory loss
  • All mental ailments
  • Diseases affecting hands, arms, lungs and thyroid gland


4 Mukhi Rudraksha Astrology View Point

According to many astrologers, Rudraksha is the ultimate solution for removing the harmful effects of the planets. While gems are commonly used for this purpose, many astrologers recommend the use of Rudraksha. Not only do the planets get pacified, but the wearer gains comfort and happiness.

One should only know which rudrakshas will be useful for this objective. Although the ancient epics do not mention any correlation between planets and Rudraksha, the information below is being given for those who strongly believe in wearing Rudraksha in accordance with horoscope and planetary positions.

  • Mercury is the ruling planet of this 4 Mukhi Rudraksha.
  • This Rudraksha governs logical and structural thinking.
  • It also enhance concentration.


4 Mukhi Rudraksha Wearing Rules

  • You can keep it in the altar for worshipping.
  • It needs to be removed from the body while consuming alcohol, consuming non-vegetarian food, having physical intimacy, and also going to a funeral (for ladies throughout the menstruation period). If this is not followed inadvertently, do not feel guilty. In that case, re-purify the beads by cleaning in pure water as well as chanting Om Namah Shivaya 5 times.
  • Rudraksha is not constrained to any religious belief. It is for the entire humanity. The routines are incidental and also are to be complied with voluntarily and respect.
  • Rudraksha does not cause any adverse effects, thus undue suspicion about its results may be Do not over anticipate adjustments or magical impacts to occur. Its use is additionally not a short-term period of time. It has to be well worn for the entire lifetime.
  • Old Rudraksha needs to be individually looked for any damage or openings or cracks, if discovered, these must not be used.
  • Always use new Rudraksha and never use Rudraksha put on by someone.
  • Ensure that the Rudraksha mala or combination has the correct number of beads.


4 Mukhi Rudraksha Worshipping / Pooja

It has been emphasized in all the epics which have highlighted the merits of Rudraksha that at the time of wearing Rudraksha and even while regularly wearing it, it should be worshipped as per prescribed procedures and particularly by chanting the recommended mantras. 

Shrimad Devibhagawat says that Rudraksha should be worn without any expectations and with total devotion and happiness.

Choose an auspicious day or any Monday for blessings. 

Follow this simple ritual before wearing a rudraksha: 

  • Wash or sprinkle Rudraksha with Ganges water or pure water.
  • Apply sandalwood.
  • Offer incense/dhoop.
  • Offer any white flower.
  • Touch the Rudraksha on a Shivaling or Lord Shiva's photo and chant Om Namah Shivaya for a minimum of 11 times. After that, the Rudraksha can be worn or put at pooja place.


4 Mukhi Rudraksha Mantra

Mantras to be recited for 4 Mukhi Rudraksha :

  • Om Hreem Namah
  • Om Hreem
  • Om Hreem Hoom Namah
  • Om Namah Shivaya