19 Mukhi Rudraksha

The 19 Mukhi Rudraksha is quite rare and are found only in limited quantities in specific regions of Nepal and Indonesia.

This Rudraksha is also known for its strong protective powers and is believed to provide the wearer with immense spiritual and material benefits.

Therefore, it is highly sought after by spiritual seekers, healers and those seeking to enhance their material success.

The Nineteen Mukhi Rudraksha strengthens the business skills of the user. Worshiping or wearing this rudraksha provides the wearer with clarity and knowledge over ignorance.

19 Mukhi Rudraksha represents Lord Vishnu.

19 Mukhi Rudraksha God

19 Mukhi Rudraksha Benefits

  • 19 Mukhi Rudraksha is known to fulfill all materialistic desires of the wearer.

  • The energy of the bead offers clarity to a person as to how he or she has to carry out a business.

  • Wearing the 19 Mukhi Rudraksha, one can undertake any work, whether business, politics or social activity without having to undergo much stress.

  • It is also mentioned in some epics that 19 Mukhi Rudraksha facilitates one's ability to live a stress free life.

19 Mukhi Rudraksha Health Benefits

Nineteen Mukhi Rudraksha Health Benefits

The properties of Nineteen Mukhi Rudraksha in curing various diseases are summarized below. These examples should only be used as guidelines to understand the scope and benefits of using the beads as medicine.

  • For sexual disorders

  • Various incurable diseases

Importance Of 19 Mukhi Rudraksha

  • The wearer gets the generous blessing of the supreme creator Lord Vishnu.

  • Wearing a 19 Mukhi Rudraksha can fulfill all of your materialistic desires.

19 Mukhi Rudraksha Bead

How To Identify 19 Mukhi Rudraksha

  • The 19 Mukhi Rudraksha bead has nineteen lines on it.

  • The 19 Mukhi Rudraksha is originated from Nepal, and Indonesia.

  • The Indonesian 19 Mukhi Rudraksha beads have a size of 12 mm to 21 mm in diameter.

  • The Indonesian bead is smaller in size than the Nepal variety.

  • The best way is to look at the bead with your own eyes, but we still recommend that people who want to buy rudrakshas talk to a reliable expert with years of experience identifying them.

19 Mukhi Rudraksha Ruling Planet

19 Mukhi Rudraksha Ruling Planet

A significant number of astrologers believe that using rudraksha is the most effective method for removing the negative effects of the planets. While many gems are used for this purpose, many astrologers recommend rudraksha.

Only know which rudraksha will be useful for this purpose. Although the ancient epics make no mention of planets and rudraksha, the information provided below is for those who strongly believe in wearing rudraksha in accordance with their horoscopes and planetary positions.

19 Mukhi Rudraksha's ruling planet is Mercury.

  • This rudraksha removes the malefic effect of Mercury.

19 Mukhi Rudraksha Products

Who Should Wear 19 Mukhi Rudraksha?

  • For people who indulge in diversified activities, such as managing big corporations.

  • It is beneficial as well for businessmen, politicians, and social activists.

  • For those on the path of self-realization, seekers of divine knowledge, and those who wish to deepen their spiritual practice.

19 Mukhi Rudraksha Wearing Rules

18 Mukhi Rudraksha Wearing Rules

  • One must wear one piece of 19 Mukhi Rudraksha in the form of a necklace or bracelet with thread, silver, or gold capping.

  • To get the most benefits from the 19 Mukhi, it is very essential to take care of it and keep it clean at the same time.

  • You can also use a soft brush to clean the mukhi thoroughly with olive oil.

  • Wake up early in the morning, bathe, and put on clean clothes.

  • Apply sandalwood paste on the rudraksha, covering all sides. Then water from the Ganges or purified water can be used to wash the bead.

  • Sit facing east in a calm state of mind and chant the mantras 108 times while wearing your 19 Mukhi Rudraksha to energise it.

19 Mukhi Rudraksha Mantra

  • Om Hreem Hoom Namah

  • Om Vam Vishnave Ksheershayayanye Swaha

  • Om Namah Shivaya


Frequently Asked Questions


Nineteen Mukhi Rudraksha Experiences
Many of our clients have said that this rudraksha gives them clarity in their businesses and helps them gain wealth.
When to wear 19 mukhi rudraksha?
You're first day on wearing the Nineteen Mukhi Rudraksha, it would be wise to do so on a Monday or an auspicious day.
How to wear 19 mukhi rudraksha?
You can wear a 19 Mukhi Rudraksha bead on a thread, or it can be capped in silver or gold and worn around your neck as a pendant necklace, or you can wear it as a bracelet on your wrist.
How many 19 mukhi rudraksha to wear?
One must wear one piece of 19 Mukhi Rudraksha or a combination with other mukhi.
19 mukhi rudraksha price?
A high quality 19 Mukhi Rudraksha ranges from $260 to $800 (USD).